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Glistening Gokarna

After cancelling our plans innumerable times, this Maha Shivratri weekend we were determined to go. Even though a few people backed out at the last moment, 6 of us were undaunted and packed our bags and left. We reached Gokarna at 9:30 a.m. on 24th Feb.🌊

We first set foot on Kudle beach, where we had to search for rooms to stay. Since it was a long weekend it was difficult to find rooms, finally we found hostel style rooms at Sea Rock beach shack and we decided to take it as we had no other option. As soon as we got our rooms, we freshened up smeared a layer of sunscreen on ourselves and first, sat down to eat something since we had not eaten anything since the previous night. Right beside sea rock shack is Sea View Shack and that’s where we had our brunch. The food was decent enough, we had pasta in red sauce, cheese and mushroom lasagne (YUMMY), chilli chicken, banana-Nutella pancakes, chicken biryani (not good enough) and the show stopper- Prawn sizzler. Delicious big prawns frie…