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Travel while you are still young. Take that mask off and show the world your wild-traveller, adventurous side. Explore the world, travel without the fear of new people or a new place. Travel with your near and dear ones or travel solo without the fear of being taken advantage of. Get away from the hustle-bustle of the city on a weekend.Travel without snapchatting, instagramming, or checking-in on Facebook!

Travel atleast once a month. Travel around the world in 80 days or maybe take more than 80 days. Trek the highest of mountains, dive into the deepest of seas.
Have your cheat days and eat a double cheese pizza, a thick Ferrero Rocher shake with Oreo, cream and extra chocolate sauce, some cheesy oil dipped French fries.

 Once in a while get tipsy on tequila, vodka, beer, wine, scotch- just whatever you want. Drink till you drop without the fear of being judged and then dance like nobody is watching.

 Visit a new place, try a new cuisine, take the road less travelled, make impromptu …