I Heart Hyderabad

As I sit in front of my laptop to "Code" on a rainy Thursday morning, I can't help but recall my Hyderabad trip. I can see why the city was chosen by the nawabs to be called the Nawabon ka shehar.
This was the first time I was visiting Hyderabad and in just 3 days, I fell in love with the city. The weather, the people, the culture the cuisine- I've made them all my own. 💕

The grandiose of, be it, the Golkonda fort or the Chowmahala Palace or even the tombs for that matter, this city was well built by the royals.
The Mecca Masjid is a different level of beautiful altogether.

All said, I think the government has let them down, as such beautiful heritage sites with intricate architecture are not well maintained, especially the Charminar- the signature of Hyderabad.

And lets not forget their cuisine. To-die-For! The Hyderabadi Biryani,Gulfaham Kabab and Badami Kund ( must have 😍)  at Chichas (Servers Authentic Hyderabadi Cuisine), the Butter chicken and Peshawari Murg…


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Cheers to Pondicherry!

Usually, when we plan a trip, I do a lot of research about the place. As in, what places to sight see and where to eat what are the experiences that we should take back as memories with us, etc. Needless to say, I did a similar thing while planning the mini bachelorette trip too.
Now, Pondicherry, as you know is famous for everything French, including the food! We had a lot of restaurants on our “to-visit” list, and only 2 days to visit them. So, on day 2 of our trip, we decided to go restaurant hopping!

1)Café des arts

Ambience: beautiful, rustic and homely
Service: a bit sloppy, lazy staff Food (What we ordered) : Banana Nutella Waffles- waffles were a disappointment, they were rubbery. Only the banana and Nutella gave flaour to the dish!
Pondy Tartines: Spicy chicken shreds with onions olives and cheese on a an extremely HARD sub of bread. Though it tasted pretty good, it was not at all edible because the sub was hard for human teeth to break through it! 

2)New Farm Fresh:


Another one dedicated to the French!